Stephanie Ozia
im so heavy, heavy in your arms.

fairwell to the fairgroundpic
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Hey now.

Christ.Its been forever.I keep going on and off,I have the constitency of a full time drunk. ugggggggggh suck it? not into this fashion stuff so much.still, that is. Never…
Stephanie Ozia
Stephanie Ozia Mar 02, 2011
yes, its this fucking picture againpic
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hey buzznet, I love you!

How the heck are you? It's been forever! I'm trying to get to everyones notes =] sorry if i don't get to yours, there's a TON!   UPDATE: I've given up…
Please appreciate the limits of the flesh, this spirit will not rest, will not be satisfied with anybody elsepic

I'm so freakin pissed

wow. for the past two days my mom has been being a real piece of shit.i asked my dad to help with my phone bill…
Stephanie Ozia
Stephanie Ozia Jan 28, 2010

Don't ASK me to buzz yer shit.

I get so sick of comments sayin, 'Hey! sorry to bother you, but buzz this for me!' etc You'll never get a buzz from me like that. A…

Here's a fun fact

I've never owned brass knuckles   But i've been punched in the crotch with them.     I've never had a mustache but, hell, i've tried     I can't do a handstand But i…
Stephanie Ozia
Stephanie Ozia Jan 21, 2010
D-D-D-Dance or Die!!pic
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Stephanie Ozia Allena Pierce.

smoke 27s like crazy
I love to drink.


Hair Bands, Parasites, Sesame Street, Silence, Smoking, The Muppets

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It's Always Sunny In Philladelphia

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Parasite Rex

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